Weave kete for your whānau

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Weaving kete is an exciting way to connect with Te Ao  Māori 

With our Māori Basketry online course you'll  


  • Get everything you need to know to weave beautiful Kete from Harakeke


  • Learn the tikanga, kupu and kōrero that will draw you closer to te Ao Māori


  • Create unique gifts for friends and whānau from your own hands, mind and heart


  • Become a confident Raranga weaver who can weave a range of different kete


  • Learn with a teacher whose gentle approach and wisdom will calm you 


  • Feel reassured that you are learning from a reputable and trusted source 
  • Share the excitement of Raranga weaving with our vibrant online weaving whānau 

Understanding the values and cultural practices associated with Māori weaving will help you to relax and enjoy weaving rather than feel uptight and anxious. It feels good to know that you are doing everything in an appropriate way to protect yourself and the environment.

Using properly prepared whenu (weaving strips that are soft and pliable) to weave with makes for a more enjoyable experience and a better looking kete. 

Knowing how to cast on, find your ara, make corners, weave up and tapiki are essential skills for Raranga weaving.

Knowing the different ways to construct a kete will give you the ability to weave a range of different types of baskets - from simple carrying baskets to giant storage baskets to moenga pepi (baby sleep baskets). 

Trying to learn ad hoc with different teachers, night classes, you tube videos or books can leave you confused and unsure
BUT when you follow a tried and tested method, based on generations of experience, from a whānau of world-renowned Māori weavers with thousands of successful students . . .  you can be sure that what you're learning is the real-deal.
The structured, well thought out lessons that give you the confidence you need to progress, will save you frustration and second-guessing.
AND as our students say
"I could listen to Veranoa ALL Day. Her voice is so calming" 
The magic is in The Matrix™ - a special series of lessons taught in a very special way.

If you follow Veranoa as she guides you through The Matrix™ you will experience surprising Aha! moments and expand your own creativity along the way.
The Matrix™ was developed by renowned weaver Erenora Puketapu-Hetet along with her teaching-assistant, daughter Veranoa. Together they developed an elegant and effective way for student weavers to learn by combining traditional ways of teaching with contemporary best-practice for remote learners.
At the heart of The Matrix™ are the mātauranga and whakaaro of our tupuna.
 The same teaching as Veranoa Hetet received from her mother Erenora Puketapu-Hetet via The Matrix™ in a three part online programme consisting of step-by-step easy to follow video lessons with Veranoa that you can access 24/7 on desktop, laptop or mobile and replay until you 'get it'

Month 1 starts with...
Raranga Basics

Essential skills and knowledge
  • Understanding of tikanga
  • Proper preparation
  • Correct raranga technique
  • Weave kono
  • Make a simple putiputi
  • Weave different sizes
  • Weave rourou
  • Whiri mekameka

After which you will move onto...
Module 1 of The Matrix™ 

Build a strong foundation for weaving
  • Find your Ara with ease
  • Make corners with ease
  • Know different finishes
  • Weave a range of simple baskets

Then in Month 2 you get...
A Bundle of Fun!

Create Fun Gift Items while practising
the Raranga Technique
  • Weave a range of items that make great gifts
  • Learn different whiri techniques
  • Build your weaving confidence 

Months 3 to 5 you will progress through...
Module 2 of The Matrix™ 

Ngā Kete - Carrying Baskets

Develop Kete Skills & Know-how

  • Weave different types of Kete

  • Understand construction

  • Weave a variety of simple baskets

  • Weave a variety of carrying baskets

  • Know how to weave a moenga pepi

  • Weave different finishes for the top of your kete

  • Weave kete without wonky tops or wobbly bottoms


Private Members Area

In addition to our private Facebook group, you will have access to our exclusive members only area where you can share and connect with other members of the Māori Basketry course.

Just some of the things our students weave in this course


Pictured: Three kete woven by Dara Barton and Kete holding fruit & veg woven by Rebecca Small

How much does the Māori Basketry course cost?

Knowing exactly what you need to do, the pitfalls to avoid and the tips and tricks that give a great finish only comes by learning from an experienced teacher.  
Learning with a weaving teacher with decades of teaching experience saves you time, frustration and disappointment.  
You can weave beautiful kete just like the ones you see on this page which were woven by one of our students, Dara Barton, who was just 17 at the time. 

by the time you complete this course, you will have woven at least $1000 worth of baskets and have the skills to weave many more. 
The course fees of each module normally cost a total of $860
Foundation for Kete (Module 1) $220
A Bundle of Fun!  $220 
Ngā Kete (Module 2) $420
BUT with our Māori Basketry course you can weave kete you'll be proud of for just $69 NZD a month 

Most student weavers complete the programme in 6-9 months

What Our Students Say



The Māori Basketry Course is for you if: 

  • You've never woven before, or

  • You've woven before but you're no longer learning with your kaiako

  • You like the idea of online lessons that fit in with all that you've got going on in your life

  • You prefer just you and your teacher, going at your pace at a time that suits you

  • You want to follow a structured, time-honoured method

  • You want to feel assured and confident about what you're weaving without missing any steps

  • You want to learn with a recognised teacher whose gentle approach will make you feel calm and confident

  • You want the skills and know-how to be able to weave beautiful kete you can be proud of


Monthly Subscription

$69 NZD

Per Month - Cancel Anytime

  • Expert online tuition with renowned Māori weaver and teacher, Veranoa Hetet
  • Month 1 - Raranga Basics and Foundation for Kete (Module 1 of The Matrix™)
  • Month 2 - A Bundle of Fun!
  • Months 3 to 5 - Ngā Kete (Module 2 of The Matrix™)

  • Membership to our private online community of weavers
  • Eligible to join The Kete Club on completion
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 Photography on this page courtesy of Soraya McConachy with weaving by HSOMA student - Dara Barton